About Us

About Evergreen Telecom Services LLC


Evergreen Telecom Services, LLC. (EVERGREEN) was established as a full service telecommunications firm built with a network of over 100 independent agent relationships throughout the United States. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with regional offices in Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta. Our operations office is located in Orlando with a staff of 10. We have expanded our business since our inception to include a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Wireless Sales, Director of Operations, Manager of Complex Services and Quality Control, and Compensation Manager. We have a seasoned back office staff of 4 additional implementation Managers. About 50% of our staff is retired from AT&T (BellSouth) with an average of 32 years of experience. We have grown by expanding our AT&T Alliance relationship beyond Southeast to now include Midwest, Southwest, West, and East Regions.

EVERGREEN’s goal has been to dominate the national provisioning of telecommunications services and solutions through industry associations, affinity groups and direct marketing organizations.

EVERGREEN has supplemented this by providing services through referral agents, indirectly supported AT&T representatives, and a “feet on the street” sales force in all 22 AT&T states. EVERGREEN’s core strategy also involves developing and providing a supplementary portfolio of related ancillary solutions for our agents including equipment resale options and related professional services. Many of these service options will initially be focused on relationships with external consulting service providers and hardware providers.

EVERGREEN’s primary operating mode and success factor is to provide outstanding products, support and service to a portfolio of agents and clients, enabling them to provide best-in-class services and maximize sales to their telecommunication products and services. We are a single point of contact for sales, implementation, and trouble resolution. EVERGREEN has reinforced its back office staff to provide total support from design and pricing to implementation and end user support.